Welcome to the Scraps and Patches Robot Factory!

Scraps and Patches is a game in active development on Steam Early Access: 


I've been updating the visuals to be HD/painterly, and I was having so much fun making robots that I thought I'd make a quick app to allow friends to make robots, too. Share them with us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/doubtfulgames


Use the top row of buttons to select body parts: (head | body | leg | knee | arm/weapon | misc ).

Different variations of each body part are accessed by pressing 1-9 on your keyboard. Not all body parts have 9 variations.

Scroll Wheel OR 'W' and 'S' keys: Change size of selected part

Left Click: Place parts, activate buttons.

Right Click: Delete part (currently deletes all parts under the cursor, careful!)

Arrow up/down: Change hue of selected par

Arrow left/right: Rotate selected part

H: Flip part horizontally

V: Flip part vertically

Enter: After you save a picture of your robot, makes the buttons visible again


Click the camera button to save a picture of your creations, and share with with us @doubtfulgames


Known problems:

There are many problems with this tool, it's very much WIP. 

  • The arrows rotate the wrong way, should be reversed
  • Flipping parts flips according to the object's x/y, instead of the canvas.
  • Right click should only delete the topmost image
  • Layers are inconsistent: If you come back to a later the depth on that later gets messed up a bit.
  • Scaling down too far flips the image upside down
  • Some depth sorting problems with the image attached to the cursor: it's not always accurate.

Future additions:

  • Saturation/darkness control
  • Adjusting size of images with handles
  • Movable layers
  • Move parts with the mouse
  • Prettier UI
  • Buttons automatically hide/show themselves when saving the picture
  • "Clear all" function.
  • More robots! Lots more!

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